Even though with the AFF title you can skydive on your own, officially you are still a student until you receive your A-Licence.

The A license allows you to jump on your own and together with other divers. During this progression, your instructor will still supervise you, double check your equipment before boarding and give you useful information and exercises for the next jump.

What’s needed for the A-Licence?

  • Successful complettion of AFF or AFF Indoor course
  • Minimum of 25 jumps
  • 10 consolidation jumps
  • A-License theory: Equipment Skills, Aircraft and Spotting Skills, Emergency Review.
  • Successful canopy course (6 jumps)
  • 2 exam jumps
  • Packing course
  • USPA Instructor endorsement on USPA A-License Proficiency card USPA membership form or FAE’s A-License title.

The USPA license is recognized worldwide, you need to become a member of the association to apply for the license. We will help you with all the paperwork when you are here.

A-License Objetives:

  • Develop a flying technique that demonstrates the ability to maintain and regain stability and control in different plane exits, maintain flight level relative to other divers, control movement in all axis and execute effective breakoff maneuvers.
  • Develop sufficient canopy control skills to navigate, fly the landing pattern and land.
  • Gain sufficient parachuting equipment knowledge on its manipulation, checking procedures and canopy packing.
  • Gain knowledge of aircraft procedures (boarding, group separation, emergencies)